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Live Gracefully Dance Studio

657 Home Ave

Xenia, OH 45385

Our dance facility is fully equipped with a professional Marley DuoFloor.The surface of Duofloor gives just the appropriate amount of slip resistance to make it a truly unique multipurpose floor that accommodates the widest variety of dance styles. Duofloor is an excellent choice for ballet pointe work as well as a great floor providing crisp sound for tap. Underneath is a subfloor which provides a level surface that is still safe for the dancers joints.

With over 1600 square feet in our dance room we are able to divide the room into two sides. Side A and Side B. 

We have a Dancers Den for the dancers to put their shoes and bags and a Indoor & Outdoor Lobby for the parents to wait if they choose to do so. 

Meet Our Instructors...

Miss Lori

          LGDT Coach/ Instructor

Miss Dana 

Miss Bri

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Darci Miller (Guy) has been a dance instructor for over 12 years and the owner of Live Gracefully since June 2013. During her teaching career she has touched many students lives and made strong bonds with them. Being a mother of two daughters, Livi & Grace (the studio is named after them) she feels very protective over her students and treats them the way she would like her girls to be treated. Her and her husband Nathaniel Miller take pride in providing a safe, professional atmosphere for Live Gracefullys students and staff. As for her dance experience, she has danced for 32 years and spent most of her life in the competition circuit, danced in the Dayton Ballet Nutcracker and performed in Hawaii for the 2001 Pro Bowl. Besides her family, Dance is her passion!

owner/Head Instructor/LGDT COACH

Faith Whitehead