"We will be following state guidelines to ensure our students and staff are as safe as possible during these trying times"

-Miss Darci (Owner of Live Gracefully)

Steps for safety that we are taking:

  • We will be practicing social distancing by reducing our schedule to limit the amount of kids per class. Classes with 10 or more will have the entire space to themselves.
  • Each dancer will be asked to stay near their "X" or dot on the floor.
  • The lobby and dancers den will be closed. If you need to make a payment you can use our payment box in the entrance or pay online.
  • Each dancer must sign in when they enter, sanitize their hands and go straight to the dance room.
  • Each dancer will have a designated chair or space for their dance bag and this space is where they will sit when not dancing.This area will be cleaned after each class as well as the studio,bathrooms and door surfaces.
  • Staff members will be wearing masks, students have the choice as dancing in masks can be very difficult and unsafe.
  • We will be asking everyone to wait in their cars until their class time. This will help avoid crowds near the door exit.
  • Anyone who is sick or running a fever we ask to please stay home. We will have a thermometer ready for anyone who does not feel well and they will be sent home if running a fever.
  • Dancers will not be touching or doing partner work of any kind during practice. Changes to the routines will be made to ensure this does not happen.
  • We will not be getting in lines to go across the floor. The students will remain on their designated space.
  • Anyone who has a break in between classes cannot stay inside the building and will need parent supervision unless older.

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