dance studio

Live Gracefully

Monthly Tuition

Annual Registration Fee- $30

(Or $50 per family)

Summer Registration Fee-$10

Recreational Class Pricing: 

30 minute class- $45 per month

45 minute class- $55 per month

60 minute class-$70 per month

Team Pricing: 

Pre-Team- $70 per month. This includes two routines that will be performed at Showstopper Dance Competition and our annual dance Recital. Competition fees & Costume fees will be due separately. 

Regular Team-$100 per month. This includes a mandatory 60–90-minute technique class and their weekly practice of the team production dance.

Solos- $85 per month
Duet/Trio- $55 per month
Group Dances- $15 per group

* Team prices vary depending on the age and level. The cost can be determined by the customer, based on what they choose to do that is offered to them.

For example:

"Scarlett is being offered 5 group dances and a solo...this would cost $260 per month.

She decides to only do 2 group dances, her technique class and team production dance. Her base rate would be $100, 2 group dances would be $30, making her monthly total $130 per month."

*We cap our monthly prices at $300 per month and any dancer on team receives a discount on regular classes. 

Discounts Available

Multiple Class Discount- Available for all recreational classes. Your first class at regular cost and each additional class is half price. 

Siblings Discount- First dancer at full price, second sibling receives 10% off, third and on receives 15% off of monthly tuition.

Yearly Tuition Discount- If you pay your yearly tuition in full by October 1st you will receive a 10$ discount.

Quarterly Discount- If you pay 3 months at a time you will receive a 5% discount.

​​Tuition is due by the first class of each month. There is a 10% late fee if it is not paid by the 15th of each month. We offer and strongly encourage auto pay however we also offer online payments, or in studio payments at the front desk or drop box. We base our pricing on a monthly basis not by the week. There are some months that include holiday breaks, we do not adjust the monthly tuition as there are months with 5 weeks that help balance out this difference. We have a no refund policy on tuition, merchandise sold in the studio and costumes.

Summer Dance-10 class punch card (Valid in the summer only)- $100 per card. These can be purchased at the Studio Only.

Monthly pricing is also available for Summer Classes.

Walk In-$15-$25 depending on the length of the class.

Costume Prices vary from $70-$160 each (Cost varies depending on size and company)

Recital Ticket cost $15per Adult seat, $12 for children ages 4 and up.