Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register for classes? You can register online for classes though our parent portal or you can register at the studio. Registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

What should they wear to class? We have a basic dress code of leotard, tights, required shoes for that class. Students are allowed to wear skirts, tutu's or shorts. They must have their hair up and out of their face.

*We sell dance wear and shoes in our lobby through 8 Count Dancewear.

Available Discounts

Yearly Discount- 10% off your yearly balance if you pay for the year upfront by October 31st.

Trimester Discount- 5% off of your tuition if you pay 3 months at a time.

Sibling Discount- the first sibling pays normal price, the second sibling receives 10% off of their tuition, the 3rd sibling and any after receive 15% off of their tuition.

​Multiple Class Discount- The first class is full price, each additional class is half price.

*Monthly Tuition is due the first class of each month. If it is not received by our office staff by the 15th of each month there is $10.00 late fee that will be added to the account. 

There are months that have 5 weeks in the month, tuition is based by the month not by weeks of classes taken. We are closed for certain holidays and the extra weeks make up for lost time in class.

Tuition will be charged regardless of attendance.

We have a NO REFUND policy and will continue to charge your account until written or verbal notice is received that the dancer does not wish to continue. 

 Fall Classes run from September-May.

Summer classes run from June-Aug 1st.

Fall Registration Fee- $30

Summer Registration Fee-$10

30 minute class- $35 per month

45 minute class- $45 per month

60 minute class-$60 per month

10 class punch card (Valid in the summer only)- $80 per card

Walk In-$10 for a half hour class, $12 for 45 minute class, $15 for an hour class.

Costume Prices vary from $55-$75 (Cost varies depending on size)

Recital Ticket cost $10 per seat